Ibn Battuta set off from Tangier on a hajj in 1325, and did not return home for another 30 years. He went on a 73,000 mile tour of the world, seeking to outline the Dar al-Islam, or World of Islam. During his thirty-year journey, he was able to visit most of the Islamic world. Ibn Battuta is often considered the world’s greatest traveler. When he finally returned home, he composed a Rihla, or story of a quest, which is consulted to this day as a picture of medieval Islamic civilization. This project allows you to explore Ibn Battuta’s travels.

This project features a collection of three maps to aid in your exploration of Ibn Battuta’s travels. The Complete Journey map depicts the route Ibn Battuta took throughout his 30 year journey of the world, using CARTO. ‘Mapping Ibn Battuta’s Journey’ attempts to provide a narrative of Ibn Battuta’s journey, using StoryMap JS by Knight Labs. The Wives and Children map depicts the geographical location of all of the wives and children mentioned by Ibn Battuta throughout the Rihla. This map was made using CARTO as well.